1. whatdoesitevenmatter:

    Holy SHIT

    My mom……..

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    [49] hotdog


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  4. f-ckthementalplex:

    Silenus Dancing in Company, 1933 . Pablo Picasso

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  6. confront:

    Maira Kalman

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  7. claavicles:

    scab inspired me



  8. Hmmmm !


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  10. Anonymous said: what's yur sign



  11. dionyssos:

    Henri Matisse , nude at the mirror

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  12. Anonymous said: yeahhh it does, but at the same time i love your tumblr. i dont know how but yeas I do. congrats i think so fjhsvfjias xoxo



  13. Anonymous said: i dont know but i showed ur tumblr to many friends and everybody just stayed with the same reaction ... like lost or something;; ok im goin to a psychiatrist right now

    I didn’t know my blog had that much power to do that.. I probably need one as well :-)


  14. toasterstrudeldigest said: Your tumblr doesn't "make me crazy man" but I enjoy it none the less. Keep up the good work!



  15. Anonymous said: ur tumblr make me crazy man.. like wtf is this

    Y do I always get msga like dis ?