1. Never understood why people hate cops so much, when they call them pigs or say fuck the police. Now I do, just got a 151$ ticket for not wearing the seatbelt!!! 😤 he was an asshole motor cop too



  3. oleole asked: great blog



  4. Why do people treat me like I’m the bad guy when I’m really just the victim at times?


  5. Anonymous asked: Weirdest blog ever tbh





    1. mushrooms taste like beautiful dirt

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  10. That is me I am so sassy but not really I just like to think so


  11. Sassy


  12. Lmao some1 texted me and I said I was cleaning my ass oops ? But I’m cleaning my appt weeeeee is it spring


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  14. Great Mothers 6300-5300 BCE

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